Maximo 8 Holds The Future

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Advance your enterprise with the new maximo 8 application suite

When uptime is everything, the goal is Zero-Downtime.

Upgrade To The New Maximo 8 Application Suite

Whether transforming your business for Industry 4.0, or simply upgrading Maximo, Banetti is your guiding light.


Intelligent Asset Management


Schedule Work & Resources


Monitor & Detect Anomolies


360-Degree Asset View


Predict Asset Failures


Technician Work Execution


Prescriptive Assistance


Actionable Safety Insights

Visual Inspection

Visual Anomaly Detection

Industry Tailored

Accelerators For Your Industry

Maximo Upgrades are Zero Downtime and worry-free with Banetti.

Specific Upgrade Benefits for each perspective.

"Having a clear understanding of readiness within the stakeholder community is important."

“It takes time for individuals to understand new terminology and concepts like Internet of Things and even analytics. Bridging the vocabulary helps to overcome confusion – for example, using more acceptable phrases such as process control, rather than analytics, or condition monitoring, rather than IoT – can help to bridge the gap between the knowledge bases of the different decision makers.”

100's Of Maximo Upgrades Down, Yours To Go.

The world’s best run organizations use Banetti.

Realizing ROI through Business Transformation with Banetti and Maximo.

This project achieved 250% ROI in its first two years and expects the same rate of return for years to come.

Banetti worked with “Top 5” to help them gain full insight into their global manufacturing plants while standardizing practices. The challenge was significant: 160+ plants; 900+ facilities; 40+ countries; 100’s of applications; and no standard in place. We have successfully implemented innovative, reliability driven asset management solutions across numerous Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Device Manufacturing facilities globally.

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