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    What Is Preventive Maintenance In Maximo?

    The Preventive Maintenance application in Maximo can be used to manage the schedule of regular work performed. This IBM Maximo application helps keep assets functioning efficiently through the site. It also helps you plan and budget for your maintenance work on each asset. An IBM Maximo Preventive Maintenance Program will save you time and money spent on labor and downtime for your assets.

    This IBM Maximo program can help you create templates used to generate work orders, assign a job plan, create a hierarchy to schedule work orders for an asset, and more.

    Preventive Maintenance Application Includes:

    PM Forecasting With Cron Task Setup Application

    A cron task is a job that runs automatically on a set schedule. The Cron Task Setup application on the IBM Maximo site creates these cron tasks to support PM forecasting. You can configure it with specific criteria to automatically update your PM forecasts at set intervals.

    Different cron tasks can be set up on the IBM site for different types of assets or can be set up for different lengths of time.

    Ability To Use Sequences For PM Job Plans

    IBM Maximo allows you to assign a job plan or more than one job plan for your preventive maintenance record. Job plan sequences will allow you to schedule different levels of maintenance work at monthly, quarterly, or yearly intervals. The sequence number will specify which job plan is selected whenever the PM generates a work order.

    Preventive Maintenance (PM) Alerts

    IBM Maximo Asset Management also comes with PM alerts. A preventive maintenance alert will tell you on the site when your PM work order is nearing its due date for an asset. The PM alert will display in the system’s site if its functionality is enabled and the work order reaches a certain status. This can be time-based or it can be meter-based.

    Setup Preventive Maintenance Frequency Schedules

    IBM Maximo Asset Management allows you to set a frequency schedule for PM. This lets you determine how often it generates a work order. It can be triggered by the time in between each work order, metered usage of assets, or a combination of the two.

    Meter based preventive maintenance in Maximo will generate a work order whenever the metered usage of an asset hits a set number, such as 200 hours. If you choose the combination of time and meter, then it will generate a work order when either a certain amount of time has passed or when the metered usage of the asset has reached a certain number.

    Preventive Maintenance Hierarchies

    IBM Maximo uses a PM hierarchy to schedule a group of work orders for an asset or location hierarchy. Whenever one PM in the hierarchy is due for a work order, it will trigger work orders for the whole hierarchy.

    A parent PM sits at the top of the PM hierarchy with child PMs underneath it. You can add a sequence number to each PM in the hierarchy to determine the order that work is performed.

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