All New Maximo Version 7.6, 7.6.1, & Features

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    What Is The Current Version Of Maximo 7.6?

     This new version of IBM Maximo Asset Management includes improvements in supply chain management and navigation as well as enhanced user interaction that previous versions lacked.

    Latest Maximo Version History

    New Features Not Found In Older Versions

    IBM Maximo Asset Management has many updates that add new features not included in IBM Maximo 7.6. New features include updates to Work Centers, work management, administration mode, and token licensing. They also include additional Administration and Inventory Work Centers as well as a brand new wizard option to help support setting up your system.

    Below Are Maximo Latest Features:

    New Administration Work Center

    The Administration Work Center can help you complete various administrative tasks including data integration and the configuration of Service Requests.

    Service Requests selections can be customized into different categories, improving the navigation of the site. The Administration Work Center also allows you to integrate with other applications or systems on another site.

    Manage Inventory Work Centers

    The Manage Inventory Work Center will support maintaining and managing each asset and product. This portion of IBM Maximo Asset Management can help you manage reservations for storeroom inventory to ensure you have the proper amount of each product.

    The Manage Inventory Work Center allows you to add a product and enter in details about the product before it’s added to the storeroom. You can also manage each product that is stocked as inventory and make the product available for asset maintenance.

    New Set-Up Wizard Options

    IBM Maximo Asset Management has a setup wizard not included on previous Maximo versions that you can use to add an organization, site, or more to your system. This setup wizard will support better asset efficiency and site navigation.

    New Features for Work Management

    The latest version of IBM Maximo Asset Management adds some features and improvements to the Work Supervision and Work Execution centers. Work Supervision has an improved process for creating work orders, allowing you to use QR codes to enter information, add tools to work plans, and more.

    Work execution has more enhancements for follow-up work orders, giving you the ability to report tools, better navigation and views of completed work, and more.

    New Token licensing & Consumption

    A few changes have been made to the token licensing system. Access types will be assigned automatically to users that determine the number of tokens consumed. These access types get assigned when the User Analyzer cron task runs each day. The User Analyzer’s schedule can be edited in the Token Licensing Setup application.

    New Enhancements to Administration Mode

    Admin mode has been improved to allow more efficient database changes in clustered environments. When you turn admin mode on in a clustered environment, all the other cluster members will be stopped except for the one with admin mode on. This feature can be disabled.

    Learn more about the IBM Maximo calibration for asset management for version here.

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