CMMS System Integration | Increase ROI & Efficiency In Maintenance

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What Is Systems Integration With CMMS Software?

Systems integration with CMMS software is a process in which you allow multiple software systems to communicate with each other by exchanging data. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software uses certain smart technology for asset management and maintenance.

CMMS System Integration: Controlling Costs And Managing Time

One of the biggest benefits of a computerized maintenance management system is that it helps you save time and money with managing your assets. The bigger your company grows, the harder asset management becomes. Trying to handle work orders from multiple assets without one maintenance management system can become next to impossible, especially if you have to copy data from disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other.

A computerized maintenance management system saves you time by automating things like work orders and maintenance schedules while allowing you to view all of your assets on one platform. With mobile CMMS software, you can get real-time access to information and data whenever you need it.

Increase Your Company’s ROI With An Integrated CMMS Systems

Another major benefit of CMMS software integration is that CMMS integration increases your return on investment (ROI). CMMS integration does this by reducing the amount of equipment downtime and improving the efficiency of resource planning. CMMS software can help you ensure that vital parts are never out of stock.

Why CMMS Integration With Other Systems Is Important

Maintenance management CMMS software helps increase the efficiency and lifespan of your assets, lower maintenance costs, and optimize resource planning. It is able to do all of these things because systems integration allows for better communication between systems. CMMS data integration allows you to respond faster to maintenance issues by giving you all of the relevant information and data when you need it.

Five Key Benefits Of CMMS Integration

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Increased Visibility
  • Automation of Manual Tasks
  • Increased Transparency

Systems integration and management reduces downtime by optimally scheduling maintenance and regularly performing preventive maintenance. Systems integration also gives you better visibility of all of your assets through one maintenance management platform. By automating manual tasks such as work orders, you can save time and labor to be spent doing other work. The increased transparency provided by systems integration also allows the entire team to be on board with the same information, minimizing miscommunication.

Disparate CMMS Systems: Challenges For Manufacturing Organizations

Disparate systems can cause inefficiencies in productivity and workflow because each site is managing their maintenance in their own way. Without CMMS integration, businesses lack the ability to make quick decisions because they’re having to wait for data from multiple maintenance management systems. A lack of systems integration also raises IT costs as they are forced to perform maintenance management on multiple systems and databases rather than one easy maintenance management platform.

Customer loyalty is affected by a lack of systems integration because service will be inconsistent from site to site. Businesses will also deal with plenty of redundant parts in their inventory when they have disparate systems, as they are unable to optimize the distribution of resources.

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