International Maintenance Conference | All You Need To Know

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    International Maintenance Conference | All You Need To Know

    Maintenance and reliability play a crucial role in seamless production and asset management. They enable organizations to offer appropriate maintenance and upgradation of assets before any significant damage to the asset, ensuring uninterrupted production.

    If you’re spending too much on asset repairs or are experiencing unplanned asset downtime, your organization likely requires maintenance and reliability expertise.

    International Maintenance Conference is an ideal platform to get valuable insights on the fundamentals of uptime elements, reliability framework, and asset management systems.

    International Maintenance Conference (IMC) 2022

    The 36th International Maintenance Conference (IMC), colocated with Reliability 4.0 Digital Transformation, is a reliability and asset management event that offers fresh, positive community-based curated knowledge and experience for advancing reliability and asset management through technology, people, data, and processes.

    Attendees of the conference can gain knowledge on new asset management paradigms for advancing reliability and asset management in their organization.

    IMC Mission

    Providing opportunities & strategies to automate asset knowledge and, uncover effective ways to advance safety, and promote tech-based sustainability in the workplace aligned to organization objects and aims.

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    When Is It Happening - Time And Venue

    Date and Time

    Day 1

    Monday, December 5, 2022

    7:30 am – 7:00 pm

    Day 2

    Tuesday, December 6, 2022

    6:30 am – 7:00 pm

    Day 3

    Wednesday, December 7, 2022

    6:30 am – 10:00 pm

    Day 4

    Thursday, December 8, 2022

    8:00 am – 2:30 pm


    JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

    400 S Collier Blvd, Marco, Florida 34145, US

    What Is The International Maintenance Conference (IMC) About?

    The 36th international maintenance conference is organized to offer a fresh, positive community-based curated experience to reliability and asset management technicians, equipping them with knowledge, experience, and skills to take their organization’s reliability and asset management to the next level.

    The event will include a number of learning & development sessions that can enable business managers and technicians to gain knowledge on advanced reliability, 4.0 digital transformation, new asset management, and how technicians can automate asset knowledge that results in huge beneficial decisions.

    Keynotes and Rap Talks Daily

    The international maintenance conference (IMC) will feature industry reliability leaders, CEOs, and business executives of the world’s best-run companies sharing their experiences and deliberating on effective strategies to get more competitive while implementing technology innovations for enhanced reliability and asset management.

    Certificate Short Courses

    The inaugural day (December 5, 2022) of the 36th international maintenance conference will include short courses on topics like asset management paradigms, professional development, and team learning that help you upskill and advance safety in your organization.

    Learning and Development Sessions

    Over the 4-day event, numerous learning sessions will be conducted to enhance your reliability and asset management. Learning sessions like creating a defect elimination culture, ROI techniques, and work management can provide valuable insights for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

    Why Should You Attend This Conference?

    Attendees of the International Maintenance Conference can gain knowledge on different subjects relating to reliability and asset management, which can help them make huge beneficial decisions for their organizations.

    The following are some of the key reasons why you should attend IMC:

    Opportunity To Be A Part Of A Community Of Great Leaders

    The international maintenance community includes a number of industry experts, including reliability leaders, maintenance professionals, operational managers, and other dynamic business executives from the world’s best-run companies.

    On attending the conference, attendees get to share ideas, views, and opinions with these great industry leaders and learn from their enriched experiences.

    Take Experience From The Best Companies In The World

    If you run a young business, it is important to analyse and learn what the world’s best-run companies are doing.

    On attending the 4-day long maintenance conference, you can obtain crucial insights into the ideal business process, activated asset management strategy, planning workflow, asset prioritization, identification of maintenance type, and much more.

    These valuable insights can help you set organization objects, enhance the knowledge domain, and take your organization to the next level.

    Learn The Latest Technologies In The Market

    There are a number of technologies like Wireless Instrumentation, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), and Edge Processing technology surrounding the reliability and asset management paradigm.

    Technology innovations threaten to disrupt the functioning of organizations that are late to adopt; hence, it is important to keep up with the dynamic technologies. Attendees of the conference will get an opportunity to discover new and effective technologies for enhanced reliability and increased performance & life span of their assets.

    Learn New Approaches To Manage Your Assets Reliably

    One must attend the international maintenance conference in order to study new, effective digital transformation approaches to reliability and asset management. Attendees can enhance their asset knowledge by learning about the Uptime Elements framework, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and other cross-functional enterprise approaches.

    These new asset management and reliability approaches are expected to improve cost, performance, quality and safety, advancing reliability and managing asset risks.

    Receive Certificates Based On Your Competence

    The International Maintenance Conference will conduct certificate short courses and workplace-aligned workshops to increase beginners’ knowledge domain and competency.

    The certificates received from the maintenance conference can help you gain a competitive advantage, boost efficiency, and increase your income-earning potential.

    The enhanced academic knowledge in reliability and asset management can also help you grow in your career.

    Learn More About Reliability Web

    Reliability Web is a 16-year-old, leading business publishing and event management organization dedicated to serving maintenance reliability and asset management community.

    The organization aspires to discover and deliver robust reliability and asset management approaches to make all reliability and asset stakeholders safe and successful by creating a dynamic network of publications, events, and Uptime Elements.

    Reliability Web also focuses on delivering information to maintenance reliability leaders and asset management professionals through articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, benchmark data, and web workshops.

    The organization’s research and work development activities include comprehensive interviews with industry-leading reliability leaders, surveys from maintenance professionals, and collection & analysis of research data published by third-party labs, research firms, and service providers in order to advance reliability and streamlined asset uptime.

    Get Registered Now!

    The International Maintenance Conference (IMC) is an event organized by Reliability Web to promote maintenance reliability and asset management. On attending the conference, reliability and asset management professionals will be equipped with effective strategies and approaches to make huge beneficial decisions for their business assets.

    The international maintenance conference community will include industry leaders, managers, and maintenance professionals from the world’s best-run companies to share their experience on effective asset management.

    IMC offers attendees the best opportunity to learn and be in the presence of experts from the world’s best-run companies in the industry.

    Are you a maintenance reliability or asset management professional? Register for the 36th International Maintenance Conference (IMC) colocated with Reliability 4.0 Digital Transformation to automate asset knowledge and maintenance reliability today.

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