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    Facilities management software is a crucial tool for businesses that need to optimize their facilities and assets according to operational needs of facilities. By collecting critical data about asset performance, facilities management software can help identify potential risks causing downtime to your organization’s operation, while helping your team resolve bottlenecks proactively and efficiently.

    There are many Facility Management Softwares on the market. Maximo by IBM is an enterprise asset management software that offers several solutions for organizations to better manage their facilities while streamlining processes.

    By exploring Maximo’s features and capabilities, businesses can reap the benefits of streamlining their facilities. Read along to find out how Maximo can be the perfect choice for your organization.

    What Is Facilities Management Software?

    Facilities management software allows companies to keep track of their assets while streamlining facility processes that help organizations manage and operate their facilities. In order to produce efficient and desirable results, businesses need to make sure their day-to-day operations are running smoothly, and downtime is avoided.

    By utilizing facilities management software, businesses can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain safety across the workplace. Facilities management looks after two significant aspects of business management. Firstly, it deals with workplace

    maintenance and safety. Secondly, it focuses on human resources and the implementation of necessary solutions to manage them.

    Who Can Benefit From The Facilities Management Software Of IBM Maximo Application Suite?

    Most facilities management software are quite basic in their features. However, enterprise asset management software such as IBM Maximo comes with all the bells and whistles needed to support facility management.

    • Executive Teams

    Facilities management software gives executives a better picture of key performance indicators such as Return On Investments per facility/ operational Unit, Return On Assets, Asset Life Cycles, and more. Thus, it assists them in making better decisions. Utilizing facility management software helps the executive team to monitor and maintain assets which, in turn, makes business operations more profitable in the best case.

    • IT Managers

    Facilities management and leveraging software to do so plays a crucial role in the analytical operations carried out by IT managers. It helps them detect asset health, track the life cycle of assets, and optimize the workplace according to business requirements.

    • Employees

    The most benefit of facility management software such as IBM Maximo, is focused on enhancing the workforce at the organization, especially the workforce that’s managing facilities.

    The mobile-based application of Maximo, Maximo Mobile, helps mobilize the workforce and allows employees, such as maintenance workers, to seamlessly access critical information about their organization’s assets. That way, employees can work on site with the asset, or remotely without any hassle.

    Benefits of Using IBM Maximo for Facility Management

    Along with facility management, IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software also helps with a lot of other features; some of those benefits are stated below.

    Real-time Tracking of Assets

    In today’s business landscape, manually maintaining facilities is not viable. When running a corporate business, you need to avoid downtime on your assets while monitoring multiple sites. In such a case, real-time tracking of critical assets becomes a necessity.

    Maximo allows you to track physical assets, their location, performance, and detailed data insights. The mobile-based application of IBM Maximo makes it easier for managers to manage operations on the go. Additionally, the Maximo application suite can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business.

    Cost Analysis When Managing Assets

    When it comes to managing multiple facilities, cost analysis is essential in order to avoid potential financial ruin. Though the purchasing cost of products is easily accessible, the maintenance costs of assets can push businesses into red numbers, if not appropriately monitored. Facilities management software can assist in analyzing the cost of facilities and managing the total cost accordingly. Thus, it prevents your organization from potential loss by streamlining maintenance schedules, reducing downtime, or dealing with any such negligence that costs you money.

    Software solutions like IBM Maximo can be used to streamline asset management processes, compare different cost options between assets, parts, and maintenance activities, while the overall cost of operating the facility is managed more effectively.

    In this way, IBM Maximo can help cut costs by identifying potential savings before they occur.

    Effortless Planning and Balanced Management

    Tracking the progress of projects can be demanding when there is constant pressure to meet deadlines. Looking after deadlines, maintaining the quality, dealing with finances, and ensuring the operations don’t incur downtime – all these can be managed with the help of facilities management software.

    Maximo allows you to design a workflow pattern and identify different milestones to manage an efficient workflow. You can also use it to track the completion of operations and deal with any unforeseen delays in a timely manner. Therefore, by using IBM Maximo, every step you take toward executing a project is cost-effective, practical, and efficient.


    Maintaining a connection with everyone is crucial when working in a complex business environment. Non-integrated facilities require an integrated software solution. Though connected systems offer great advantages to companies, their benefits are only enjoyable if they are managed properly. Maximo can help you address integration issues in your organization and bridge the gap between disparate systems. You can either connect multiple disparate systems through IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, or completely eliminate the need to use multiple systems if their application is redundant.

    IBM Maximo has IoT (Internet of Things), which focuses on maintaining integrated facilities in your workspace. Imagine one of your assets is currently undergoing maintenance, and you get an alert warning you of potential operational slowdown. This is just one of the many functions of IBM Maximo to help reduce guess-work across the workforce.

    If managed and optimized according to the requirements of your organization, integrated facilities can rejuvenate your company by connecting systems for efficient execution of operations.

    Space Optimization

    Optimizing operations according to the available space is crucial in maintaining a steady ROI. Revenue generation is enhanced when all your assets and facilities are optimally used, and no energy is wasted. To achieve optimal space utilization, detailed asset management is required.

    IBM Maximo for facilities management can provide the necessary data for informed decision-making. With the facilities management of the Maximo application suite, you can identify if you are using extra resources for services and manage your operational plan accordingly. Though it might not seem like a big issue at the time, maximizing space utilization can save you a considerable cost in the long term.

    Prevents Non-Compliance

    Accidently breaching regulatory compliance is a thought that haunts a lot of businesses and operators. When running a business at a corporate level, you might not be able to take a close look at all the compliances that you have to follow. So, you might end up falling under the category of non-compliance, which can lead to a distorted reputation among customers and a potential threat to your company’s financial well-being.

    Maximo application suite can help you maintain continuous and automated compliance, so your focus isn’t diverted. If you are ever on the verge of non-compliance, IBM Maximo will warn you beforehand so that you can make the necessary amendments to your plan.

    Improved Work Environment

    The environment of your workspace is directly proportional to employee well-being. A better environment contributes to enhanced productivity, eventually leading to efficient workflow.

    IBM Maximo can assist you in maintaining a healthy environment by collecting data and maintaining the temperature, humidity, and lightning accordingly. Maximo develops an insight into the environment by processing data through IoT-enabled devices. The best part about IBM Maximo for facilities management is that the devices automatically switch off if a particular space is not being used.

    IBM Maximo gives your employees access to numerous services, such as alerting the engineers of new issues, eventually reducing your dependency on helpdesks.

    Improved Decision-Making System

    The right decision at the right time can change a lot. Facility managers and operators need detailed insights into the data when making operational decisions. The practicality and effectiveness of these choices can vary depending on how well managers and operators can analyze their data. The main problem arises when data needs to be collected in order to make critical decisions that need to be made fast, for example during unexpected downtime. Facility management software has made decision-making easier than ever, as it collects all the crucial data for you.

    IBM Maximo collects all the necessary data, from potential costs to expected risks. It offers real-time insight into asset performance. Managers and operators can effortlessly generate reports based on the collected information, which means discussing ideas and making decisions across the organization and the executive team is easier than ever.

    Mobility Improvements

    Workplace dynamics are evolving and many believe work-from-home is here to stay, so the need to access data remotely is significant. Facility managers and operators need to access information through their mobile phones to stay up to date. Maximo Mobile, for facilities management, can help access the data remotely and can support a mobile workforce.

    IBM Maximo mobile application arranges all the data on an effortlessly accessible, user-friendly dashboard. Your facilities management team can efficiently collaborate through the dashboard and solve critical problems immediately rather than putting them on the task list to discuss with the team, saving a lot of energy and resources.


    Different businesses have different requirements and preferences. Maximo facility management software is customizable according to clients’ needs.

    IBM Maximo offers the freedom to be customized in various ways. Some of these customizations can be done via settings, but customizations can also be developed and custom coded to fit the need of the organization.

    There are also a range of IBM Maximo consultants that can help in these cases. Banetti houses some of the best maintenance experts that can guide you about the nature of customizations and what’s best for you. Monitoring industrial environments and managing facilities, is a specialty of Banetti.

    Bottom Line

    Now that you have got a glimpse of how effectively IBM Maximo can manage your organization’s facility, it is safe to say a well-integrated facility management system can greatly benefit organizations. From asset management and cost analysis to monitoring regulatory compliance and integrated systems, IBM Maximo is designed to help facility managers and operators manage assets and facility productivity optimally to produce desired outcomes.

    Whether you want to incorporate IBM Maximo into your business or already have it, but you want to optimize it according to your company requirements, Banetti offers solutions to all kinds of Maximo-related problems.

    The IBM Maximo application suite offered by Banetti helps manage assets by using minimum resources and offers practical solutions to enhance the operational strength of facilities. You can collaborate with your team and personalize it according to your needs and preferences. So, whatever you are looking forward to, Banetti is a one-stop solution that can address your organization’s problems systematically.

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